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Gas Furnace Installation Service in Hunterdon County

Summers in Lebanon, NJ, are warm and humid. You definitely won’t need the furnace, so you might wonder whether or not you should turn it off. Follow these tips to know if it is a good idea to turn off your gas furnace during the summertime.

Turn It Off

Yes, you should turn off your gas furnace in the summer. There are a few steps for doing this. You’ll begin at the thermostat. Switch your thermostat from the heat or auto setting to the cooling setting. Keeping the thermostat on cool means that your furnace won’t turn on, even if there’s a chilly night.

Close the Gas Valve

If your home has an older furnace with a constant pilot light that burns gas, keeping it on in the summer will waste about $50. You can turn off the gas supply and avoid the unnecessary burning of gas by the pilot. To do this, turn off the gas valve. If you’re not sure how to do this, our technicians can show you during your springtime air conditioning tune-up.

Cut Off the Electrical Power

Your gas furnace still uses some electricity, even during the summertime when it’s not heating your home. The best way to stop this is to turn off the furnace’s power. You can also cut off power to the furnace at your circuit breaker. Doing this only saves a few dollars a month, but it’s money saved nonetheless. Powering down the furnace for the summer also reduces wear and tear, which could help you avoid unnecessary repairs. Shutting down the furnace during the summertime could also extend the furnace’s lifespan.

Mighty Ducts Heating & Cooling is the trusted provider of heating repairs in Lebanon. We also offer air conditioning repairs and heating and air conditioning maintenance and replacement. Our indoor air quality and duct cleaning services keep your home comfortable year-round. For more information on how to care for your gas furnace during the summertime, get in touch with us at Mighty Ducts Heating & Cooling today.