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Humidifers in Hunterdon County


The purpose of humidifiers is to add water vapor to the air, thereby increasing the humidity level in a space. A humidifier might be used in your home or office during cold winter months when you want to avoid static electricity buildup that causes dry skin, static shocks, and other complications. Humidifiers can also be used in your bedroom to help you breathe more easily through the evening because they moisten dry nasal passages. Here’s a guide as to how humidifiers work.

Humidifiers Use a Compressor to Turn Water Into Steam

There’s usually water delivery from a water source to this unit. The unit will either turn the water into steam or use some chemical that turns the water into vapor or mist. This vapor is pushed out of the humidifier and into your home with its vapor valve.

The Vapor Will Then Dissipate Through a Fan

The water vapor from the humidifier is moved around by using the humidifier’s fan. The vapor will go through all the air vents in your house, and it will pick up moisture along the way.

Some Humidifiers Use a Filter to Remove Impurities in the Air

Humidifiers that don’t filter the vapor will still provide moisture to your home, but it may be too fine for some people. These particles can get inside of your nose and lungs and irritate you. A filter intended for a humidifier will help ensure that you’re breathing healthy air by removing these fine particles.

The Water Tank Is Also Important for Your Humidifier

A humidifier needs a water tank to ensure that the vapor is created and distributed the way it should be. This tank holds all the water turned into steam, so you’ll need to make sure that it’s filled up before you turn on your humidifier. You’ll also want to check it every few days to ensure enough water is in the tank because your humidifier will stop working if you run out.


Mighty Ducts has been serving the people of Lebanon, NJ and the surrounding areas for more than 20 years. If you feel like you have a problem with your humidifier, then give us a call today. We’ll inspect your unit to make sure it’s running correctly. If you need other services, we also offer heating and cooling repair and installation.