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When your Lebanon, NJ, home needs a new heating system, you’ll have a lot of options to consider. An electric heating system is an efficient option for the moderate winters of New Jersey. Here are three facts you need to know about the energy efficiency of electric furnaces.

1. No Wasted Heat

Gas furnaces burn fuel, which creates combustion byproducts. Those byproducts are ventilated to the outdoors. As much as 30% of the heat created by burning gas is lost to the byproducts dispersed through the flue. Electric furnaces don’t burn anything and have no flue. They don’t release any heat to the outdoors, making them more energy-efficient than any gas furnace.

2. Variable-Speed Motors Boost Efficiency and Indoor Air Quality

New electric furnaces offer a range of energy-efficient features, including variable-speed motors. This type of motor operates at lower speeds, which uses less electricity. Their heating cycles are longer, which results in more consistent indoor comfort. You won’t have to raise the thermostat to keep comfortable. The longer cycles also result in better indoor air quality.

3. They’re 100% Efficient

Every make and model of electrical furnaces is nearly 100% energy efficient. Their annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) ratings are 100% because little to no energy input is wasted. Gas furnaces have AFUE ratings ranging from 60% to 97%. This means gas furnaces waste 3% to 40% of the input energy, and electric furnaces essentially waste none. You could select an Energy Star rated electric furnace, which offers a 15% increase in energy efficiency compared to electric furnaces without this certification.

Mighty Ducts Heating Cooling is the trusted installation team for electric furnaces in Lebanon and the surrounding area. Customers also turn to us for reliable heating and air conditioning repair and replacement services. Our preventive maintenance agreements, indoor air quality solutions, and duct cleaning are designed with your health, comfort, and budget in mind. For more information about the energy efficiency of electric furnaces, give us at Mighty Ducts Heating & Cooling a call.